Olive Oil and Keto

Though olive oil—the product of pressed whole olives—is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean, it is now widely used for cooking around the world. In fact, chances are you have some in your pantry right now. Known for its rich flavor, pleasing mouthfeel, unrivaled versatility, and ability to pair well with other flavors, olive oil is an ingredient no kitchen is complete without.

If you’re looking to kick start weight loss, burn fat, increase energy levels, and generally feel better, you may be considering or have started a keto diet. But is olive oil something else on the long list of “no-go” foods? And how can you further enhance its flavor?

In this article we answer:

  • Is Olive Oil Keto?
  • How Do You Use Olive Oil On a Keto Diet?
  • Does Olive Oil Work With Other Flavors?
  • Can Other Keto-Friendly Oils Be Flavored?

Is Olive Oil Keto?

The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, many believe that extra virgin olive oil, known for a wide range of health benefits, is the single best oil for a keto lifestyle. Most importantly for keto, olive oil is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat, making it a perfect fit for all versions of the diet.

Not only is olive oil keto-friendly, but also extremely healthy for general use in the kitchen. Far from a trendy dieting item, olive oil’s health benefits have been backed up by science.

Olive oil contains:

  • Disease-fighting antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory substances like oleic acid
  • Polyphenols, which may reduce the risk of developing cancer

Olive oil has even been linked to reducing your risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

For the fifth straight year, U.S. News & World Report recently named the Mediterranean diet—famous for promoting regular consumption of olive oil—best overall diet overall1, as well as the best diet for diabetes and easiest diet to follow.

There is limited evidence2 to suggest that extra-virgin olive oil, which has been pressed from ripe olives and has undergone the least amount of processing, may be a healthier option than regular olive oil. Processing oil with heat or filtering reduces the amount of phenols, organic compounds with antioxidant properties.

How Do You Use Olive Oil On a Keto Diet?

If you’re looking for ways to get more olive oil into your diet, there are a whole host of keto-approved ways.

Here are some ideas for using olive oil on a keto diet:

  • Sauteing your favorite meat or veggies for dinner in olive oil
  • Making your own homemade salad dressings
  • Drizzling it on prepared meals as a delicious finisher
  • Adding body and flavor to sides like Bickford’s chipotle hummus
  • Eating a standalone spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil to start the day
  • Olive oil works in desserts too (believe it or not)—try this keto almond flour olive oil cake

Does Olive Oil Work With Other Flavors?

Though it tastes great on its own, olive oil’s versatile flavor profile plays well with others. Bickford Flavors offers a whole range of sweet and savory oil-soluble flavors that can let you experiment and find the new flavors that your customers or dinner guests will absolutely love.

Olive oil is perhaps most commonly infused with herbs like basil, rosemary, or sage. Bickford’s oil-soluble flavors provide a hint of garden freshness without the hassle of growing and picking your own herbs.



Many use flavors with olive oil to create an enticing marinade greater than the sum of its parts. Our citrus chicken recipe uses both our lemon lime and orange flavors, and our rosemary garlic roasted potatoes pack a herbaceous punch with our garlic and rosemary flavors. The best part? Our extracts contain no added sugar and won’t interfere with your low-carb lifestyle.

Can Other Keto-Friendly Oils Be Flavored?

If you don’t have olive oil on hand, don’t worry—there are many other keto-friendly oils with different characteristics that make them great candidates for flavoring.

Oils that work well with oil-soluble extracts and flavors include:

  • Grapeseed oil - A great source of Vitamin E, grapeseed oil has a high smoke point and mild flavor, making it perfect for additions like Bickford’s lemon flavor.
  • Coconut oil - Coconut is pure fat (perfect for keto) and has two distinct varieties: refined has a neutral flavor and virgin has a tropical taste and smell. Both can be infused with flavors.
  • Sunflower oil - With its unobtrusive flavor, sunflower oil is a great choice for flavor additions. For a smoky, spicy kick, try our chipotle or chili flavors.

Serve the Needs of Your Keto Customers

When you need to add a punch of flavor to your oils (or oil based-ingredients), it’s important to make sure you’re meeting the dietary needs of your customers. More and more, health-conscious consumers are taking notice of the ingredients in their food—so it’s important to work with a reputable flavor provider.

Learn more about staying up to date with diet trends, including keto.

If you’re looking for a wholesale flavor partner that delivers the quantities you need on time and on budget, consider Bickford Flavors.

Our all-natural extracts and flavors are certified Kosher and can be formulated to meet current market demands, specific labeling needs, and emerging diets and lifestyles – such as low-protein, low-carb, GSA, keto, gluten-free, and others.

We’d love to learn more about your flavor needs—to find out more about our services, call 440-494-7777 or fill out our contact form today.

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