Industries Served: Wholesale & Custom Flavorings and Extracts for Your Market

Flavor matters. With over a century of experience in the flavoring and extract world, we know that regardless of industry or application, flavor is the most important factor in everything you do.

In addition to this established expectation, to successfully market and have your product appeal to a wide-array of customers with varying dietary needs, it must meet certain market demands and labeling criteria.

At Bickford Flavors, we help our partners from all over and in different industries create products with one-of-a-kind tastes and aromas that align with special diets and lifestyles.


What industry are you coming to us from? We’re excited to connect with you and help elevate the taste of your product line.



Flavorings and Extracts for Baked Goods

If a pastry, cookie, cake, or bar of fudge has been created once, it has been created a hundred times over. Because of this, we understand you’re looking for a way to seperate your unique yet familiar product – or an entirely original baked good - from the masses and truly allow it to stand front and center.

For a creation that is unlike the others, we’ve got a flavor - or flavor combination or custom flavor - that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers and consumers. Learn more about our flavor extracts for baking:

Flavor Extracts for Baking



Flavorings and Extracts for Beverages

Beverages accompany individuals at every meal and almost every occasion. They’re job is to be refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating, and oh-so-tasty. You’re job is mold your drink application to meet these diverse demands with authentic flavors that tailor to cravings, moods, and respective occasions.

From carbonated, alcoholic, sports drinks, drink mixes, or any other beverage application, let’s find the exact type of flavoring you need. Learn more about our flavor extracts for beverages:

Flavor Extracts for Beverages


Ice Cream

Flavorings and Extracts for Ice Cream

There is perhaps no better dessert, comfort food, late night snack, summer evening past time or childhood memory than that of the cold, creamy taste of ice cream. Whether from a small patch shop or large manufacturer, the satisfaction all comes down to the flavoring.

We know your customers scream for great tasting ice cream, and your response should start and end with standout flavorings and extracts. Learn more about our large selection of premium flavor extracts for ice creams:

Flavor Extracts for Ice Creams


Confection (Candy)

Flavorings and Extracts for Candy and Chocolates

The candy industry is fun, for your products are designed to treat people, help them indulge, and encourage them to unabashedly satisfy their sweet tooth. What flavor notes does your product demand?

From crazy sweet to sour to melt in your mouth and to anything in between, we’ve got flavors (or can create custom ones) that will help you develop an irresistible end product.

Flavor Extracts for Candies & Chocolates


cbd flavors
Producing in an industry that is continuously multiplying, you know the demand is high, the landscape is ever-changing, and the availability and popularity of CBD products has exploded.

As a maker or manufacturer of cannabidiol products, we know you want to add flavor to your CBD oil and tinctures, fruit chews, gummies, beverages, and other applications. But to truly differentiate and produce a fast-growing product line, it starts and ends with all-natural flavors that are only derived from premium sources. Let our all-natural CBD flavors help you create crowd-pleasing tastes products. Shop our CBD flavors:



Flavorings and Extracts for Nutraceuticals

You know this better than anyone: Consumers are taking note – more than ever – of what ingredients they are putting in their body. Did you know the term ‘natural extract’ is becoming the most impactful label term to customers?

We believe that using and consuming natural ingredients will not only support a healthy diet, but also enhance an improved flavor profile. Our all-natural, certified Kosher flavors offer a solution to naturally improve the taste and flavor of products and target today’s health-conscious consumers – aligning with diets and lifestyles such as low-protein, low-carb, gluten-free, GSA, and others.

Flavor Extracts for Neutraceuticals



Flavorings and Extracts for Dairy Products

Dairy flavorings must do double duty to create a crowd-pleasing product. The flavor must seamlessly mix with the other ingredients to add to the application’s richness and creaminess; it must also deliver an exceptional, authentic taste of dairy - especially in dairy-free products.

Differentiating your dairy application starts by incorporating great tasting flavors that complement your specific dairy product(s). View our selection of flavors that can help give your dairy product the exact flavor consistency it needs. Shop our large selection of water-soluble flavors for dairy products:

Flavor Extracts for Dairy & Milk Substitute Products


Dressings, Sauces and Condiments

Flavorings and Extracts for Dressings, Sauces, Condiments

For most dishes, that creamy sauce or lemony-garlic dressing or spicy mustard spread adds so much personality and taste. Indeed, condiments, sauces and dressings round everything out and often give a dish or entree its signature, finishing touch.

Let our flavor experts help you develop creative sauce, dip, condiment, or dressing profiles that will enhance in a multitude of ways.

Flavor Extracts for Dressings, Sauces & Condiments


Olive Oil & Vinegar

Flavorings and Extracts for Olive Oil and Vinegar

Consumers look to olive oils and vinegars as effortless top notes that can infuse a dish or entree (or snack or appetizer) with fresh, artisan flavors and incredible aromatic scents.

Formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other flavoring methods - and weighed to give your application the flavor potency you desire - shop our entire selection of flavorings and extracts for olive oils and vinegars.

Flavor Extracts for Olive Oil & Vinegar



Flavorings and Extracts for Popcorn

There are so many snack options for a consumer to choose from, and yet, popcorn is one of the most tried and true winners. Of course, its ease, fun shape and texture are huge reasons there are so many popcorn fanatics; but, without question it’s its delicious buttery goodness that keeps people craving more.

Give your consumers what they want - more variety and better tasting popcorn. Made from all-natural sources and with an abundance of flavors to choose from, we’re excited to see your new popcorn flavor concoctions.

Flavor Extracts for Popcorn & Other Snacks


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