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Customer Testimonials

I received my order this morning. I have already used some of the Black Cherry flavoring to back sweeten and add a bit more flavor to some homemade Black Cherry wine I made. It worked great.

I will be ordering more flavoring from you in the future.


Ronald R.


"I just wanted to send a sincere note of appreciation for your quality products. I suffered from bone, joint, muscle and abdominal pain as well as incapacitating fatigue for far too long until I learned that gluten, grains and refined sugar were the culprits. Remove these and voila!---I've got my life back. 

 However, finding food that is 100% free of allergens is a daunting task. The "better safe than sorry" moniker unfortunately means that one often misses out on potentially wonderful dishes and flavors. So, you can imagine how great it is to enjoy a cup of milk with your Pure Vanilla Extract, knowing it is free from anything that could possibly cause me a reaction. Incidentally, it is also far more healthful for anyone minus grain vinegar, sugars and added unnecessary adulterants. Whenever I find a product that plays a real role in making my new pain-free life even more beautiful, I always give a special thank-you. Please don't ever change the formulations, and thank you for giving us all a first-class product."



"I really love the flavors and also use Bickford Flavors because they contain no sugar and alcohol.  My favorite flavor?  Chocolate!


- Karina Dufty

East Brunswick, NJ



"Bickford Flavors are very good.  The flavors are realistic."


- David Pettis

Farmington, MN



"We stock Bickford Flavors in our store because of the great price and variety.  Bickford Flavors sell well seasonally -- particularly during candy making seasons."


- Chris Spoltori

Country Nutrition

Waldorf, MD



"We use Bickford Flavors in one of our products.  Bickford Flavors is always quick to get our orders out -- usually within 1 to 3 days -- and the  ordering process is simple.  We have also never had any problem with their manufacturing process."

- Janae Hutchinson

PKU Perspectives

Pleasant Grove, UT


"We have always used Bickford Flavors.  The pricing is excellent, and the size options are great.  But, the ultimate reason why we use Bickford Flavors is their excellent customer service."

- Adelle Schure

Quick Nic Juice

Sandwich, ILL

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