Natural and Artificial Flavors: Only One Will Help You Create & Progress with the Evolution of Flavor

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Are you feeling the heat in your market to produce products and applications with deep flavor innovations and stand-out tastes?

Have today’s demands, trends, and flavor evolutions surpassed the flavoring method(s) you currently use? Here’s why today’s markets and your applications command premium, all-natural extracts and flavors:


Natural and Artificial Flavors: To Move Forward, It’s Worth Understanding the Bigger Picture of Flavor by First Taking a Quick Look Back

Taste and flavor are, without question, focal points for today’s consumers, makers and manufacturers, and while artificial and synthetic once reigned supreme as go-to flavor sources, that’s not where we see consumer demands and flavor preferences trending anymore.

Flavor desires have evolved, and the creation of food and beverage products in today’s markets find success when met with all-natural flavors and extracts.

This quick-hitting and informative guide on the evolution of flavor is meant to help small and large batch makers, manufacturers, chefs, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and others understand:

  • How our sense of taste has progressed
  • Why it matters where your flavor ingredients, oils, concentrates and extracts are derived from and how they’re created
  • Why you can attract more consumers and customers to your products by using all-natural flavors and extracts
  • How your product or brand can become an outlier in your industry with innovative, custom flavors
  • Much more

Get to Know Bickford: We’re a Natural Food Flavoring Supplier

At Bickford, there’s nothing imitation about our extracts and flavors.

We firmly believe that incorporating the highest quality flavor extracts into your products is the best way to yield that incredible taste experience you’re after.

Since our inception over a century ago, we’ve been creating our flavors to meet current market demands and your specific labeling needs – such as keto-friendly, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, certified Kosher, no sugar added, low-calorie, low-protein, and more.

We’re exceptionally proud of our entire line of premium flavors and extracts, as we’ve meticulously formulated them to be stronger and more versatile than other flavoring methods available on the market today.

Suitable for almost any application, we invite you to get to know our flavors:

Wholesale Flavoring Program

When you need bulk quantities, our wholesale flavoring program is your solution to naturally improving the taste and flavor of your entire production line. When you partner with Bickford and become a part of our wholesale flavoring program, you receive:

  • Preferred pricing
  • No minimum order requirement after one gallon
  • Faster than normal turnaround times

Learn more about our wholesale and sample program: