FD&C Colors

Depending on the product - or even the culinary spirit of the season - color presentation is important. How something looks and the colors it radiates is important to attract and entice consumers to buy and try your products.

To bring color richness to your application, our FD&C certified colors (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) can help you achieve the desired appearance of your product.

Vivid Food Colorings for Baking, Beverages, Candies, Ice Creams & More

Great as stand alone colors or easy to mix, our food dye colors are water-soluble and suitable for:

  • Frostings & baked goods
  • Candies
  • Beverages
  • Ice creams
  • Easter eggs
  • Much more

**Please note: The color shades displayed should only be considered a representation of the indicated pigment.**

Add Premium, All-Natural Extracts to Boost Flavor in Your Application

Once the appearance of your application appeals to customers and consumers, be sure the flavor of your product steals the show by delivering exceptional flavor and aroma.

Offering more than 200 all-natural, certified Kosher water and oil-soluble extracts, find the flavor(s) that will set your products apart:

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Need a Custom Flavor Created? We Specialize in That:

We’re a team of flavor chemists who are highly-specialized in creating custom extracts for various applications in a wide-array of industries.

Learn more about partnering with us to create a custom flavor(s) for your product line:

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