Flavor Wheel

You’re on the verge of creating something with incredible flavor, aren’t you? But, we get it - sometimes you get stuck when trying to formulate the perfect flavor profile(s). Or, perhaps you’re in the beginning stages of your recipe and need a little inspiration for flavor pairings. Then again, maybe you’re just feeling flat-out adventurous and want to produce a meal or application that’s completely out of your wheelhouse and you need something to get your genius going.

You’ve landed in the right spot. Bickford’s flavor wheel is your go-to guide when setting out to make something with a delicious, one-of-a-kind flavor profile or innovative flavor pairing.

How to use the wheel: Start in the middle and select which category best aligns with your application. Then, work your way out, staying in the sections that connect to your original group.

If you find that you have questions about these or other flavor profiles or pairings, let’s be sure to connect. As a team of flavor enthusiasts and flavor designers, we love talking flavor and make it our mission to help you achieve the exact flavor profile, consistency, aroma, and pairing you’ve had in mind all along.

Bickford Flavor Categories