Flavor Extracts for Beverages

In today’s marketplace, customers from all walks of life crave a refreshing and—above all—great tasting drink. Creating a breakthrough beverage or reviving an existing product ultimately comes down to the flavors you choose.

Whether it’s hard seltzer or CBD-infused tea, Bickford’s flavor experts are always up on the latest flavor trends. We offer a wide range of flavors that will make your beverage stand out from the competition.

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Beverage Flavoring Ideas

Beverages, especially simple ones, are the perfect vehicle to let flavors shine. But a lesser-quality flavor will be immediately apparent to your discerning customers.

Coffee Flavoring Tips

Take your morning cup of joe to a whole new level. Coffee works well with spices like cinnamon or pumpkin spice but can also be an outlet for your sweet tooth—think chocolate or blueberry cheesecake.

Sparkling Water Flavoring Ideas

Sparkling water has gained legions of drinkers, especially in recent years. Fruits like raspberry and lime are natural choices for flavoring sparkling water, but you could go in a more adventurous direction with chocolate cherry.

Flavors and Extracts for Beer and Cider

The craft beer and cider market shows no signs of slowing down—do you have the flavors required to compete? Consider trying out a delicious coffee stout or a mango sour.

View our full list of TTB-Approved flavors for cider and beer.

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Developing New Beverage Flavors

Remember, our flavors are formulated to be the strongest in the industry. When trying new flavors in beverages, we recommend starting slowly—mix in a very small quantity (⅛ teaspoon or so) and add more flavor gradually until you’re satisfied with the flavor.

Our flavor extracts for beverage development are:

  • Highly heat stable
  • Suspended in a water-soluble base (with the exception of pure vanilla)
  • Stronger and more concentrated than other flavoring methods
  • Free of additional salt and sugar

View all of our beverage flavors below or learn more about keeping up with today’s beverage flavor trends.

Looking for inspiration for your flavor pairings? For an in-depth guide to possible flavor combinations, use Bickford’s flavor wheel—your go-to guide when setting out to make something with a delicious, one-of-a-kind flavor profile or innovative flavor pairing.

At Bickford, we eat, sleep, and breathe flavor—get the benefit of our experience for your wholesale flavor needs today. Get started by downloading our wholesale business verification form.

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