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Hawaiian Chicken Chunks Recipe

Ingredients:   2 whole chicken breasts or 4 thighs, skinned and boned  1 egg, beaten 2 tsp Bickford Lemon Flavor ¼ tsp Bickford Ginger Flavor ½ cup crushed Kenmai Rice Bran - ¼ cup frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed ⅓ cup dried coconut   Directions: Preheat oven to 375° Wash the chicken breasts and cut each into 4 chunks (cut thighs in half). Salt to taste and sprinkle with Bickford Lemon Flavor.  In a medium bowl, mix the orange juice, egg and Bickford Ginger Flavor.  In a flat dish, combine the Kenmai Rice Bran and the coconut (for a finer crust,...

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