Start your own small business selling Bickford Flavors

Start your own small business selling Bickford Flavors at your local farmer & flea markets!

With the local farmer and flea markets growing in popularity, why not earn some extra money this season?  We all love a good farmer's market with fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables. Bickford Flavors would be a great accompaniment to your fresh baked goodies or any other wares that you already sell.  Our 100 year-old company manufactures all Natural and Kosher certified Flavors & Extracts for all your cooking and baking needs.  Our flavors have no added alcohol, sugar or salt and can be used for sweet or savory goods or even your own crafted cocktails.  There are endless possibilities like an orange flavored zucchini bread, a peaches-and-cream breakfast smoothie or a maple bacon Bloody Mary. With a minimal investment of $100.00 you are ready to start your own small business!  You can use our flavors when baking your secret family recipes like our 7-flavor pound cake recipe (which can be found on our website) and you will tempt everyone while selling Bickford Flavors at the same time.  

Display: 48 - 1 ounce flavors, 8 different flavor, 6 each 

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