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Maple Flavoring
Maple Flavoring
TTB Approved

Maple Flavoring - Water Soluble

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    For many pies, ice creams, cookies, baked goods and other applications, the taste of maple syrup is the cornerstone to enhance the flavor of other ingredients. With as beloved and rich as real maple syrup is, your application must foster the same in a pure maple flavoring.

    Formulated to be stronger than other flavoring methods, our real maple flavoring is smooth and delivers the right amount of sweet and rich. Additionally, our natural maple flavoring is:

    Why not try one of these twists on maple flavoring?

    Making the decision to only use pure maple flavoring during the breakfast hour is a travesty. The options and opportunities to use a rich and decadent flavor like real maple are as limitless as your imagination. So, get creative and start thinking maple!

    • Butternut squash puree with maple flavoring is a great way to break out of the mashed potato doldrums.
    • Using maple in your next salmon marinade gives the fish a sweet overtone and luxurious finish.
    • People don't usually think of hot sauce and maple flavor, but the combo will be your go-to wing and chicken finger condiment after one taste.
    • Add a splash of maple to your next cocktail for a unique experience.

    Maple Flavoring vs Maple Extract

    Depending on your application, you may need a different kind of flavoring that's made specifically to be highly concentrated. Bickford's extracts (also known as oils or hard oils) are formulated to be eight or more times concentrated than our flavors.

    Need a maple extract instead? Find it here.

    Maple Flavoring Infused Ice Cream

    To create a stand-out, popular product, your top-quality ice cream application must be met with premium, all-natural flavorings. Not too sweet and irresistibly satisfying, your ice cream will have just the right amount of richness and the best flavor consistency.

    Derived from the highest quality sources, you can be certain your ice cream application will taste of pure maple syrup with our premium flavor that tastes amazing.

    Looking for inspiration on flavor combinations and how you can add your own twist to America's favorite ice cream flavors? Check out these resources:

    Maple Flavoring for Baking

    Revamp your baked goods with the rich, comforting essence of our all-natural maple flavoring. This versatile flavoring can transform a wide array of baked items, infusing them with the deep, sweet taste of maple syrup.

    Imagine the delightful aroma of maple-infused muffins, the irresistible flavor of maple-glazed donuts, or the unique twist it brings to cookies and cakes. Maple flavoring is also ideal for crafting seasonal specialties like maple pecan pies and maple-flavored pastries, offering a distinctive taste that resonates with consumers year-round.

    By incorporating our premium maple flavoring, you can add a layer of warmth and sweetness that sets your products apart in a competitive market. Available in both small batches and bulk orders, we cater to all your manufacturing needs, ensuring your baked goods consistently deliver exceptional quality and flavor.

    Two things you may have not thought about adding maple flavoring to is granola (it's amazing!) and sweet potato casserole. Both of these applications are so tasty with our all-natural maple flavoring, and you've got to try. We have the recipes all ready for you. They're quick and easy:

    Make Baked Granola

    Make Coconut Sweet Potato Casserole

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