Extracts for Ice Cream: Our Favorite Flavor Combinations

Brace yourself. Did you know, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, that the average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year?1

We’re actually not surprised – and, being in the ice cream business, you’re probably not either – because, come on! It’s ice cream. It’s cold sensation and creamy texture and devour-worthy flavor is second to none.

Actually, let’s back up just a bit. The flavor of certain ice creams can let you down by delivering a subpar performance. Yes, when we get right down to it, there’s ice cream and then there’s irresistible ice cream.

As ice cream enthusiasts who just so happen to be the flavor chemists at one of the top ice cream flavoring companies, we eagerly help our partners revolutionize the ice cream flavor game and rejuvenate classic, fan-favorite flavors.

Both are possible and important when creating ice cream that is as interesting as it is craveable.


Classic & Inventive Ice Cream Flavoring Extracts Made from All-Natural Sources

With so much ice cream being consumed every year – and with so many new-school ice cream companies and shops opening up across the country – flavor is and always will be the differentiator.

Once your technique and imagination are a-go, it’s essential to top everything off with flavors that are sourced from pure, high-quality products, precisely weighed to deliver incredible taste, and always free of imitation flavoring.

Looking for some premium classic flavors or next-level ice cream flavor combinations? Give these ice cream flavoring extracts a try:

Single Flavors:


As one of the all-time greats in ice cream flavors, our banana flavoring delivers incredible notes of sweet and ripe – because it is sourced from exactly that. It’s smooth with bursts of creamy banana goodness, thriving on its own or pairing well with dollops of just about any topping.

Available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.


Dubbed an iconic summer dessert by many, classic strawberry ice cream is a flavor force to be reckoned with. Expect our strawberry ice cream flavoring to transport the taste of intense, fresh strawberries into your ice cream. When we developed this flavor, it was our direct intention to magically capture the sweet, juicy, fresh-picked taste of wild strawberries – and from this, you can refresh a timeless classic.

Available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Salted Caramel

A sweet and salty delight is one of those rich pleasures in life. With our salted caramel flavoring, your ice cream will spread the best of both worlds and knock your consumers flat with bliss. Deep, rich, and sweet, we’ve certainly perfected this gourmet-style ice cream flavoring extract.

Available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.


Lavender-flavored treats and teas are certainly getting more attention, and the lavender flavor itself is increasingly being tweaked and perfected by ice cream makers all around. Our lavender flavor adds a perfect and quintessential spring or summer time floral note to any ice cream application, helping the end product remain light, refreshing, and incredibly delicious.

Available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.


Flavor Combinations:

Key Lime & Ginger

Oh, are you in for a treat if you’ve never experienced this flavor combination in ice cream form. Both key lime and ginger are versatile flavors, and, when combined into a creamy, cool ice cream, there is this fantastic citrus pop with a subtle background note of ginger. Think of this combination as a true yin and yang that caters to taste bud satisfaction.

Key lime is available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Ginger is available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Strawberry & Basil

For a fun deviation from the tried and true strawberry ice cream, ripe strawberry and fresh basil together don’t even make it fair for other flavor combinations – it’s that good. Especially our ice cream flavoring extracts, as both extracts have been meticulously developed from the best-quality strawberries and most garden-fresh basil (because these things matter and are the key to great flavors).

Strawberry is available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Basil is available in an oil-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Blueberry & Cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake ice cream is no joke with its creamy texture, rich taste, and demand for graham crackers to be sprinkled on top (seriously, try it!). You can distinguish the fresh picked blueberries while reveling all the cheesecake goodness until the heart’s content.

Blueberry is available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.

Cheesecake is available in a water-soluble flavor for your ice cream application.


Made to Order: Custom Ice Cream Flavoring Extracts

Thinking of a custom ice cream flavoring extract that will amp up your ice cream offerings? Well, then let’s talk about creating an ice cream flavor that doesn’t exist yet, or one that has your very own twist to it.

We partner with companies – from established local, small businesses to large ice cream wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, etc. – to develop new, unique ice cream tastes.

All-natural and certified Kosher, we formulate our flavor extracts for ice cream applications to be stronger and more versatile than other flavoring methods to give your product the exact flavor consistency you desired all along.

All Bickford flavors, including brand new, custom ice cream flavoring extracts, are formulated to meet current market demands and your specific labeling needs – such as certified kosher, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, and more.

Want to learn more about partnering with Bickford Flavors to create your custom flavors? Find everything you need to know here:

Create Custom Ice Cream Flavorings and Extracts  

Best in Taste Flavorings at Wholesale Quantities & Prices

Most ice cream flavoring companies can’t beat our wholesale game.

When you partner with Bickford and become a part of our wholesale program, you benefit from preferred pricing, no minimum order requirement after one gallon, and faster than normal turnaround times – we’re talking same day processing and shipping on most orders.

For custom flavors, we work hard to flavor match within a week. Once you approve the flavor, orders are processed and shipped the same business day (if the order is received before 12:00 p.m. EST).

We’re committed to supporting you, your growing business, and your ever-expanding product line with premium flavors.

To get started, download our wholesale business verification form or ask us about our sample program.

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1 International Dairy Foods Association. Ice Cream Sales & Trends. Accessed February 9, 2019. https://www.idfa.org/news-views/media-kits/ice-cream/ice-cream-sales-trends.

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