Keeping Up with Health and Wellness Trends: A Review of Natural Food Flavorings

From activity trackers to workplace wellness programs, diet trends, exercise regimes and the increased desire to shop natural foods, today’s average consumer seems to be highly in-tune with their health and wellness – and they have an abundance of resources and options to tailor-fit almost everything to their desired lifestyle.

Since food and beverage is such a key component to one’s health and wellness efforts, consumers are taking note – more than ever – of not only what they buy, but also what ingredients they are putting in their body.

What are they looking for? Simple ingredients with fresh, naturally sourced flavors.


Health and Wellness Trends Have Manifested the Clean Label Trend

According to a 2017 study reported by Food Dive – an outlet for food industry news and analysis – the average consumer is taking the time to study a product’s label, and some of the biggest things they’re looking for are the terms "natural" and "extract."

In fact, 72% of consumers believe that the presence of these terms largely help define what a "clean label” is.1

More so, the combined term ‘natural extract’ is becoming the most impactful label term to customers, as it’s proving to be more compelling than just ‘natural.’2

Additionally, any deep dive into substantive food industry news articles will conclude one emerging trend that is predicted to stay around for a long time: Today’s consumer has a high demand for natural and organic ingredients, and their commitment to finding products with flavors from natural sources continues to grow.

Indeed, they want and will favor products with transparent, substantiated, clean labels.


Why All-Natural Extracts and Flavors Need to be Top of Mind for Manufactures

Surprisingly, many big brands are still flavoring their products with unhealthy, imitation ingredients, flavors, and extracts.

For manufacturers especially, this is big news, as shifting your processes to using natural ingredients and flavors can help consumers shift their attention to your product(s).

But that’s not all.

In discussing the 2018 Summer Food and Drink Trends Report conducted by Mintel, Food Business News reported that consumers can recognize fresh, authentic flavors over imitation.

In addition, consumers want unique, innovative – and at times, bold – flavors; when applicable, they want to know where the natural flavors are sourced from.2


A Quick Note on FDA Regulations for All-Natural Extracts and Flavors:

As you may already be well aware, “natural” is a controversial term in the food and beverage industry. Starting in 1993, the FDA opted not to provide a regulatory definition of the terms “natural” [NLEA Final Rule]. With no guideline, manufacturers were seemingly free to create their own definition.

Between 1996 and 2008, product launches with the claim to be “all-natural” grew from two to over 2,300 products.

But consumers grew skeptical of the natural claim, litigation ensued, and the use of the term started to dwindle from product labels.

When it comes to all-natural flavors and extracts, however, the FDA has regulated the term “natural flavor” under 21 CFR 101.22(a)(3).3


We’re a Natural Food Flavoring Supplier Focused on Your Customer’s Needs

For the last 101 years, we have been providing manufacturers, retailers, distributors, caterers, and other food service professionals a solution to help them naturally improve the taste and flavor of products, meet current market demands and specific labeling needs, and tailor fit to certain diets and lifestyles – such as low-protein, low-carb, gluten-free, GSA, and others.

At Bickford Flavors, we firmly believe that using and consuming natural ingredients will not only support a healthy diet, but also enhance an improved flavor profile. And while the health benefits may initially bring customers to your product, it is the premium, all-natural flavors that will keep customers coming back.

Suitable for almost any application and formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other flavoring methods, we invite you to get to know our flavors.

Learn more about Bickford Flavors:

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