Hosting a Rockin' Keto-Friendly Holiday Party

Sticking to a keto friendly diet does not have to feel difficult or overwhelming as the holiday season arrives. When you are planning a holiday party this year, knowing how to prepare for a keto friendly gathering is a way to maintain your way of eating while ensuring your guests have a rockin' time. 

Ingredients and Drinks 

Stock up on traditional keto-friendly ingredients before the date of your party arrives. Ensure you have extra ingredients for additional appetizers and snacks your guests indulge in. Provide drinks that are both keto-friendly and traditional to please all of your attendees. 
We have loads of keto-friendly recipes on the Bickford Flavors site. Check them out while you're here.


Get creative with your decorations this holiday season. Consider DIY crafts to create an atmosphere that is fitting to your own personal style and existing home decor. Choose a color scheme that best fits with the theme of your event and use napkins, plates, and serving dishes that match. Use colorful balloons that match any color scheme you decide on to add a festive touch for your guests to enjoy. 


Create multiple playlists to celebrate the holiday you plan to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. When creating music playlists, do so for different times or moods you want to set throughout the evening. If you create an online invitation for your guests, ask for recommendations and input to build playlists that are loved by all. 

Games and Entertainment 

What is a holiday party without fun games and enjoyable entertainment? Gather classic board and card games that are playable with 2-8 guests so that all of your attendees have a chance to get involved. Consider giving away prizes for the winners of each game you play to encourage more participation and activity throughout the night. 

Host a Fun Contest 

Hosting contests helps to liven up any holiday gathering, especially when spending time with close friends and family. Host a contest that is easy for all of your guests to participate in regardless of their age. Have guests estimate how many items are in a mason jar that you have on display, or create a lottery where guests donate and pull numbers from a hat to determine the winner. When your guests are entertained, your event is much more likely to go off without a hitch. 

With the right preparation and planning for your upcoming keto-friendly gathering this year, provide delicious appetizers, drinks, and main courses that are sure to get raving reviews.

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