Flavor Extracts for Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies and Other Frozen Desserts: Expand Your Product Line to Meet the Demands of Health Enthusiasts

Can a time-honored sweet treat – such as the beloved indulgence that is ice cream – convey health benefits? Appeal to health enthusiasts? Boast an impressive clean label? Tailor to a multitude of lifestyles?

Why, yes. Yes, it can.

Current trends in today’s ice cream market are fun and impressive, to say the least. But health enthusiasts don’t jump on bandwagons that easily. They’re mindful consumers who are meticulous in nature. Ingredients and flavorings matter to them, and if a product’s label doesn’t meet their high standards, they’ll quickly pass.

So, your objective is to flex your creative muscles to produce an incredible ice cream application but be ever-so attentive to the exact ingredients and flavorings you’re using.

As one of the industry's top ice cream and frozen yogurt flavor suppliers, let us help you navigate one part of this equation: the flavor extracts for ice cream that will meet the demands of today’s ice cream-loving, health-conscious consumer.

Are Your Products Aligned with Current Health and Wellness Trends? Here’s Why It Matters

We know – it seems as if a new diet or nutritional lifestyle is gaining popularity every other week. Keeping up with each one isn’t easy, but it’s important to your current and potential consumer base.

From Keto to Kosher, gluten-free to low-protein, it’s apparent that the variety in dietary options is constantly expanding, which actually provides an amazing opportunity to take a step back, evaluate your current and future product line, and make necessary adjustments where needed to recipes and production processes.

As a maker or manufacturer of any type of food or beverage, capitalizing on current health and wellness trends is vital to sustained success and maintaining a growing consumer base.

When thinking about altering your application’s formula to include better, more all-natural flavorings and extracts, did you know:

Consumer buying research continues to show that the average consumer is making greater efforts to study product labels in search of terms like “natural” and “extract” before making a decision to purchase the product?

Let’s Talk Flavors. Only the Best Flavorings Will Truly Attract Today’s Health Enthusiasts

With some flavoring methods and products, it can be hard to be completely transparent and substantiated on the label, as not all flavors and extracts on the market today can truly claim to be all-natural or derived from premium sources.

But, with society as a whole continuing to shift nutritional priorities toward better ingredients and all-natural additives, it’s starting to matter more than ever.

Never has the difference between all-natural flavorings and imitation, synthetic flavorings been so obvious.

Consumers (and not just the health enthusiasts) are:

  • Educating themselves about the importance of high-quality ingredients
  • Actively avoiding overly processed and synthetic offerings
  • Able to recognize fresh, authentic flavors over imitation
  • Demanding unique, clean, and innovative flavored products that are derived from natural sources

Brands and products that give flavor the attention it deserves, and feed their applications with only the best, will always remain ahead of trends and the competition because consumers take notice.

A Quick Note on the Importance of Being Creative When Developing New Flavors and Products

There is absolutely no need to discuss just how competitive the ice cream market is. You live it every day.

As a premium ice cream and frozen yogurt flavor supplier, we know how easy it can be to get lost in the weeds of production when trying to ensure everything is as it needs to be and is buttoned up tight to roll out the end product to an oversaturated market.

But, perhaps from one manufacturer to another, don’t forget to dedicate time to experimentation and creativity. If you don’t play around a bit and push the flavor envelope in a pursuit to create inventive taste experiences, your competition will.

Ingenuity is what drives brand recognition, and adventurous flavor offerings can establish your reputation as a savant among uninspiring peers.

Truth be told, we all remember the food experiences that treat us to something different, something unique.

Remember this when developing new flavor concepts, and never lose your forward-thinking mindset that got you to this successful place in the ice cream industry.

Popular Flavor Extracts for Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, and More

So, where is a good place to start to get your creative wheels turning in the direction of flavor goodness?

Try tapping into the experiences you’ve personally had – the ones that have left an indelible mark and kept you wanting more.

  • Unique options like Avocado Mint-Chocolate Chip or Lavender Rose ice cream take existing popular flavors and add unique spins to them.
  • Pineapple Jalapeño Sorbet or Roasted Fig and Ginger ice cream are also concepts that are rooted in ethereal experiences but embellished to make them unique.

Creating an inventive new frozen treat flavor has no rules and no requirements.

If you are using the highest quality flavors and extracts, the opportunity to develop the next flavor sensation that takes over the industry is knocking at the door.

Bickford is a Premium Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Flavor Supplier. Let Us Help Your Product Meet the Demands of Today’s Health and Wellness Trends

At Bickford Flavors, we firmly believe that using all-natural flavoring will deliver an improved flavor profile and create a genuine, flavorful ice cream experience that will meet your consumers’ demands.

Get to know our flavors and how we serve the ice cream industry with premium, naturally sourced flavors and extracts.

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