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Butter Pecan Extract
Butter Pecan Extract

Butter Pecan Extract - Water Soluble

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    When butter pecan flavored applications are executed just right—achieving a perfectly sweet, roasted consistency and taste—they’re bound to be a big hit with customers and dinner guests alike.

    To help your products reach absolute fan favorite status, we developed a premium, all-natural butter pecan extract that is unmatched among other flavoring methods.

    Butter pecan is a classic pairing. Curious about some uncommon ones? Check out some of our favorite unique flavor combinations.

    Our butter pecan extract is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    Our butter pecan extract adds a burst of creamy butter and savory nut goodness to cakes, cookies, fudge, ice cream, cheesecake, candy cream centers, candy, sauces, dips and more.

    If you’d prefer the standalone flavors, we offer both pecan and butter extracts.

    Looking for our water soluble butter pecan flavoring instead? Find it here.

    A Classic Flavor for the Kitchen

    Butter pecan is as American as apple pie. You probably think of hot summer days and a scoop of butter pecan ice cream, but the classic flavor works in a variety of applications. Adding our butter pecan extract to your next creation is a great way to help consumers make amazing new culinary memories.

    Here are some delicious butter pecan applications:

    • Pie is great for any occasion, so adding this butter pecan extract to your next pumpkin or sweet potato pie creation is sure to be a hit.
    • Try it in our bourbon pecan pie pudding shots, along with our best-selling bourbon flavor.
    • Muffins and cupcakes with a tablespoon of butter pecan extract take the recipe to another galaxy.
    • Take your favorite frosting and add a dash of butter pecan to the mix. Our easy buttercream frosting recipe works with any Bickford flavor!
    • Chocolate and our butter pecan extract go great in anything you can imagine.

    It’s no secret that butter goes with basically everything. Check out some of Bickford’s other butter-based combination flavors:

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    Butter Pecan Extract For Ice Cream

    For true-to-source butter pecan ice cream, your flavoring must be naturally sourced and never contain any artificial or synthetic derivatives. Made from real, all-natural sources, Bickford's butter pecan extract is derived from the highest quality ingredients and formulated to help you achieve that precise flavor consistency you've been searching for.

    For a unique twist on an ice cream float, try our butterbeer recipe with butter pecan flavor instead of butterscotch.

    Looking to add your own twist to America's favorite ice cream flavors? Find out more about creating fan favorite ice cream flavors.

    Need bulk butter pecan extract quantities - including gallon sizing? Contact us to learn more about our butter pecan extract bulk sizing.

    Oils of Natural Flavors. Contains Tree Nuts.