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Passion Fruit Extract
Passion Fruit Extract
TTB approved

Passion Fruit Extract - Water Soluble Hard Oil

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    Passion Fruit Extract for Tropical Fruit Flavor

    Finding a way to be both slightly sour and sweet, passion fruit is a versatile flavoring that adds distinctly tropical overtones to everything from beer to wine to pastries. Pleasantly tangy and tart, with a hint of sweetness, passion fruit boasts a strong, fruity scent and distinct aromatics wherever it is used.

    Suitable for a wide array of applications that demand a water-soluble extract, our passion fruit extract is superior to competing products, and the overall quality of your application will boast a unique taste experience.

    Bickford's passion fruit extract is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt
    • TTB approved. Learn more here.

    Unlock a Passion for Flavor

    The amazing sweet-tart flavor of our passion fruit extract is a unique addition to a multitude of applications. From drinks to desserts, condiments to glazes, it’s a fantastic fruit option to create and enhance a flavor profile.

    Here are some delectable ways to use our passion fruit extract:

    • The zing of passion fruit extract makes any pastry a pleasure.
    • Passion fruit in caramel recipes is simply magnifique.
    • Whether making a jam or curd, passion fruit extract is the ideal addition.

    If you’re focused on your calorie-conscious customers, Bickford’s flavors are great for keto-friendly products.

    Passion Fruit Extract for Baking

    Passion fruit’s complex, sweet-and-sour essence makes it really shine in a wide variety of baked goods.

    Here are a few passion fruit baking ideas:

    • Adding a dash of passion fruit flavor (careful: a little goes a long way) to your favorite pudding recipe will make it a surefire fan favorite.
    • A pan of passion fruit bars will keep the focus squarely on the delicious flavor.
    • A simple passion fruit cake can deliver miles and miles and flavor—check out our lemon cake recipe as a starting point.

    Passion Fruit Extract for Tea

    Supremely refreshing and complex, passion fruit makes for an incredible cup of tea—both iced and hot. Remember that Bickford’s flavors are formulated to be stronger than the competition, so start off with a small amount and go from there!

    Here are some potential health benefits of upping your tea intake:

    • A boost to your immune system
    • Reduction of inflammation
    • Lower risk of heart attack or stroke
    • Less caffeine than coffee

    Find out more about flavorings for cold weather beverages.

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