Easy Mocktails for a Crowd [Recommendations by Occasion & Season]

Any time is a good time to mix up a tasty mocktail. From holidays to birthdays, winter festivities to summer soiree’s, introducing your customers or family and friends to the magic of a perfectly mixed mocktail can tantalize their taste buds and help them truly enjoy a new, refreshing taste sensation.

Whatever event you are preparing for or new season offerings you want to serve, bring a few select mocktails to the table.

After all, just because a mocktail is alcohol-free doesn’t mean it has to be a lackluster experience. With the right ingredients and – most of all – with the right flavorings, your next mocktail could wind up being the talk of the town or the toast of the party.

Sophisticated Mocktails for Special Occasions

Baby Showers
Whether celebrating the arrival of a beautiful baby girl or bouncing baby boy, marking the occasion with a Preggie Provençe is sure to wow your guests.

Combining Bickford’s delicate lavender flavoring with grapes, lemonade, sparkling soda, and fresh rosemary will refresh everyone in attendance.

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New Year’s with Kids
Spice up the new year with a Blueberry Ginger Cooler. Mixing Bickford’s lemon lime flavoring with fresh blueberries, grated ginger, and sugar will kick up your bash with a mocktail that’ll keep the kiddies coming back for seconds.

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Bridal Shower
What better way to entertain your bridal shower than with a delectable margarita to satisfy their thirst? The Mango Meyer Lemon Margarita Mocktail combines fresh mango puree, Bickford’s Meyer lemon flavoring, simple syrup, and sparkling water to impress all your guests.

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Birthday Gatherings
Get ready to dance the day away when you serve your guests a Beach Blanket Bingo at your next birthday celebration. Combining fresh grapefruit juice, Bickford’s cranberry flavoring, and soda water, this simple and sophisticated mocktail is exactly what your next birthday bash needs.

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Family-Friendly Holidays
Take any holiday and kick it up a notch with this refreshing beverage that will impress all your family members: Mix fresh strawberries, honey, orange juice, water, and Bickford’s ginger flavoring. The best part? You get to think of a clever name for this mocktail.

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Teetotaler Celebrations
Satisfying a group of guests who only drink mocktails is no small feat. That’s why keeping it simple with the highest quality ingredients and flavorings is key. A Mango Mule combines fresh cucumbers, mango puree, Bickford’s honey flavoring, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer to create a beverage that satisfies the pickiest of teetotalers.

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Sophisticated Mocktails for the Changing Seasons

When thinking of sophisticated mocktails to serve in those long winter months, the Winter Shandy immediately comes to mind.

This cold weather mocktail takes non-alcoholic beer and combines it with Spice 94, Bickford’s apricot flavoring, fresh lemon juice, and sugar syrup to warm your bones and remind you why the winter months seem so magical.

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Those first spring days are invigorating and exciting, allowing you to shake off the shell of winter hibernation and begin planning for the warmer months ahead.

Including a mocktail like Strawberry Fields at your next spring party is the perfect way to remind your guests that spring is most definitely in the air.

Mixing hibiscus syrup, Bickford’s strawberry flavoring, and soda water is a simply prepared and supremely satisfying start to spring.

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Nothing reminds us more of summer than fresh lemonade. That’s why a Green Lemonade mocktail is always a hit at summer parties no matter who is in attendance.

Combining lemonade, lime cordial, Bickford’s kiwi flavoring, and simple syrup is a fresh way to keep your guests sipping a sweet mocktail treat all day or night long.

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When fall sets back in, we all need something warm to keep us feeling invigorated on those chilly autumn evenings. That’s why a Not Hot Toddy is the perfect mocktail to mix up.

Taking hot tea and mixing it with fresh honey, Bickford’s lemon flavoring, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg allows you to sit back, relax and breathe in the warm notes of the autumn moon.

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