How to Flavor Your Confections to Create the Next #mermaidmania (Instagram Sensation)

A love for candy and chocolate transcends all holidays and special occasions, for any day can beckon the call for a tempting confection.

Today’s consumer has a highly developed palate for sweet things; and your candy is their treat, break in the day, or craving satisfier; and if recent trends have taught us anything it’s that everyone nowadays is looking for a unique indulgence to satisfy their sweet tooth – so imagination and creativity are as important as the ingredients you are using in your tasty creations.

Who could have imagined that unicorns and mermaids would come to dominate the candy scene in a way that makes other candies and chocolate bars envious? From the fanciful coloring to the delightful flavoring, these treats are truly satisfying to all of your senses.

So, if you are looking to create the next must-have sweet treat, don’t be afraid to tap into your childhood to find the right inspiration.

What is this Mermaid Mania Craze All About?

While the mermaid trend has seemingly taken over the food industry, influencing everything from candy corn to avocado toast, its origins are rooted in simple creativity.

Back in 2017, when Starbucks introduced their mermaid Frappuccino, they began introducing new and unique colors and flavors – like spirulina mixed with almond milk – to create an innovative color and taste to their normal beverage offering.1

Building off this trend, candy makers have stayed with the creative coloring techniques and simply begun mixing them with more common flavor options.

This has enabled candy makers to capitalize on the unique trend while keeping their product accessible to the average everyday customer.

Today, companies are using vibrant coloring and pairing them with options like strawberry, green apple and raspberry to keep the mermaid trend alive and thriving.2

A Whimsical Appearance with Natural Flavors: Why Your Mermaid Confections Will Go Farther with All-Natural Candy Flavoring

Whether looking to create your own mermaid inspired treat or forge the next big Instagram candy trend, sticking with the highest quality flavor extracts and all-natural candy flavoring is essential.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 50% of all consumers are looking for organic ingredients when making purchases, and this number is only expected to increase.

When asked why they are purchasing more organic and all-natural offerings, the vast majority of respondents answered the same: Because it seems like a healthier option.

Taking this information and incorporating it into your production process is an excellent way to not only satisfy the needs of your current customers, but also consistently attract new consumers

With the vast majority of candy makers using imitation flavorings and synthetic oils, making the decision to use all-natural flavor extracts immediately sets your product apart from the competition. It also lets customers know you are in tune with the current purchasing trends and more concerned with the quality of your product (and not simply saving a quick buck).

But, above all, using the highest quality flavor extracts and ingredients when creating a new and innovative candy enables you to rest assured that your flavors are superior, and the overall quality of your confection is a genuine treat to all who experience it.3

Highly Concentrated Flavorings for Your Mermaid Confections

At Bickford Flavors, we want to help bring all mermaid confections to life with our soft and hard candy flavoring oils. They work well for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Hard or soft sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Gummies
  • Jellies
  • Chews
  • Tack candy
  • Mints
  • Lollipops
  • Others

Our highly concentrated flavorings are derived from high-quality, all-natural flavor sources, and are:

  • Highly heat stable
  • Never suspend in alcohol, with the exception of Pure Vanilla oil, which contains 35% alcohol by volume
  • Suspended in a water or oil base
  • Formulated to be stronger and more concentrated than other flavoring methods
  • Natural and free of additional salt and sugar


Our “Hard Oils” are our version of a highly concentrated flavorings. Our all-natural candy flavoring oils are formulated to be eight or more times concentrated than our flavors.

With most of our flavors stemming from 100-year-old formulas, our decision to develop our flavors in water-soluble or oil-soluble base suspensions was made to help you produce the best end product.

Water and oil are more neutral, superior carriers than alcohol - never imparting additional flavor or “baking-out,” as traditional alcohol-based extracts do. In turn, our candy flavoring oils help your application taste and smell better.

Candy Flavoring Oils at Wholesale Prices and Quantities

When you partner with Bickford and become a part of our wholesale program, you not only benefit from flavor extracts that are stronger and more versatile than other candy flavoring methods, but you also receive:

  • Preferred pricing
  • No minimum order requirement after one gallon
  • Faster than normal turnaround times

Need a custom flavor? We’re highly experienced in developing a wide-array of application-specific custom flavors for several different industries - especially the world of candy.

If you’re interested in exploring this flavor avenue more, find everything you need to know here:

Creating Custom Flavors

Learn more about our wholesale and sample program or, to get started today, download our wholesale business verification form:

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