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Bourbon Flavor
Bourbon Flavor

Bourbon Flavor

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    Get The Best Bourbon Flavoring on the Market

    With its big, bold notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, the rich taste of bourbon is something food manufacturers around the world need in their meals or treats.

    Inspired by the versatility of the bourbon palate, we've developed our bourbon flavor to stand as an exquisite flavor all its own—delivering nothing short of a premium, all-natural flavoring that is sure to add an impressive personality to your application.

    Bickford has been the leader in all-natural flavors for over a century. Click here to learn about the wide range of industries we serve.

    Bickford's water soluble bourbon flavor is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Gluten free
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    With Bickford's bourbon flavoring, your application will be full-flavored and bolster true taste, craftsmanship, and complexity from all-natural sources.

    Unlock the Versatility of Bourbon Whiskey

    Ready to start using bourbon in your own products? Whether it's ice cream, cakes, frostings, or meat marinades, bourbon can add that charred, beautifully oaky taste whenever you need to pump up the flavor.

    When you’re developing a new recipe in the test kitchen, it’s important to use moderation—bourbon is a fairly strong flavor, and Bickford flavors are more concentrated than others on the market.

    Bourbon Flavor for Cooking

    Bourbon flavor uses go way beyond cakes and cookies. Having our flavor on hand for a weeknight dinner can be a game changer.

    Here are some recipe ideas that take advantage of all-natural whiskey flavor:

    Another great part about bourbon flavor? It plays with others! If you’re looking for some great bourbon flavor pairings, check out options like french vanilla, hazelnut, and coffee.

    Bourbon Flavor for Baking

    Everyone loves a sweet and savory sensation, and nowhere does the combination work better than baked goods.

    Learn more about using our extracts in your next baking project.

    Here are a few bourbon baking projects to try:

    • For a gluten-free crowd, try our butterscotch cookies featuring our bourbon flavor and vanilla extract.
    • A shot of bourbon flavor can add that “something extra” to your holiday cheesecake.
    • Bickford’s bourbon pecan pie pudding shots are a surefire hit at any kind of gathering.

    Find out more about creating cocktail-inspired desserts that are alcohol free.

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