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Oil Soluble Peppermint Flavor
Oil Soluble Peppermint Flavor

Peppermint Flavor - Oil Soluble

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    As a flavor that evokes fond memories and alludes to life's simple pleasures, Bickford's peppermint flavor captures the true essence of this beloved flavor with its sweet and refreshing notes and distinctive scent.

    With as saturated as the market is with peppermint products, our peppermint flavoring is derived from the highest quality of sources and formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other peppermint flavoring methods to single handedly produce an incredible flavor profile and take your product to the next level.

    Our oil soluble peppermint flavor is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    Looking for water soluble peppermint extract instead? Find it here.

    While many know peppermint flavoring is ideal for baking, don't be afraid to try it in candies, ice creams, your favorite sugar cookie recipe for a pop of flavor, and homemade or store bought frosting for a quick, unique flavor boost.

    The comforting flavor of peppermint evokes memories of holiday treats and special occasions. Some great ways to incorporate it into year-round applications can include:

    • Brighten up ice cream applications with our bold peppermint flavoring.
    • Enrich the flavor profile of candy creations with the distinct flavor of peppermint.
    • Incorporate peppermint flavoring into cookies or baked goods to create a taste profile that will wow the crowds.

    Oil Based Peppermint Flavoring for Chocolate Flavoring Oils

    A classic flavor can still deliver a one-of-a-kind taste experience. So, you've got peppermint and chocolate on the mind? Your chocolate concept must be met with a premium, all-natural oil based peppermint flavoring.

    Made without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients - and formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other peppermint flavor methods - our naturally sourced peppermint flavor delivers those sought-after, authentic notes of minty, fresh and sweet.

    Add Peppermint Flavoring to CBD Oil & Products

    For consumers who aren't a fan of the taste of unflavored CBD products, but who love peppermint, this cool and refreshing peppermint flavoring will boost their overall experience with your CBD application - from oils, tinctures, fruit chews, gummies, beverages, and others. Our premium, all-natural peppermint flavoring is invigorating and formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other CBD peppermint flavoring methods on the market.

    All-Natural Peppermint Flavoring for Nutraceuticals

    The minty coolness of our premium peppermint flavoring will instantly enhance your functional food and nutraceutical products year-round.

    With our peppermint flavoring, you can step beyond the mundane peppermint flavored nutrition bars, bites, cookies, snacks, dry mixes, and more, and create a unique peppermint application that will impart a true-to-source flavor and deliver a signature complement to your nutraceutical product.

    For bulk peppermint flavoring quantities - including gallon sizing - contact us to learn more about our peppermint flavoring bulk sizing.


    Whether it's the holiday season and you're in search of a flavorful peppermint dessert, or you want to bring something minty, fun and refreshing to the table at your next get together - because peppermint is truly a welcomed flavor any time of year - we have two must-try recipes that are made with our premium, all-natural peppermint flavor: peppermint patties and chocolate peppermint pudding shots.

    We're excited for you to experience these delicious creations:

    Make Peppermint Patties

    Make Chocolate Peppermint Pudding Shots

    Soy Oil and Natural Flavors. Contains Soy.