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Maple Bacon Extract - Non Kosher
Maple Bacon Extract - Non Kosher

Maple Bacon Extract - Non Kosher

Regulatory documents are available upon request after purchasing gallon sizes or larger. Please email request to

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    From its unmistakable taste and mouth watering aroma, our maple bacon extract was crafted to truly satisfy all the senses. Derived from the highest quality sources, our extract will give your application a rich, smooth, smoky flavor that only comes from premium flavor sources.

    Suitable for a wide-array of applications, our maple bacon extract is superior to other maple bacon flavoring methods, and the overall quality of your application will boast a genuine taste to all who experience it.

    Our water soluble maple bacon extract (hard oil) is:

    • All-natural
    • Highly versatile
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Free of any added sugar and salt
    • Please Note: This Item is Not Kosher!

    Add this extract to marinades, BBQ sauces, ice creams, baked goods and much more.

    Looking for a water soluble maple bacon flavoring instead? Find it here.

    Our maple bacon extract has the ability to add depth of flavor to any dish you can think up. From seafood to sweets, this flavoring is as good for your brunch recipes as it is for those baked goods that you love to make.

    • Seared scallops drizzled with our maple bacon extract adds a delicate smoky finish.
    • Chocolate cupcakes with our maple bacon extract added to the mix will wow the crowds.
    • Toss your chopped sweet potatoes with some maple bacon extract before roasting them and watch everyone ask for seconds.
    • Biscuits made with maple bacon extract are simply divine.

    Maple Bacon Extract for Condiments

    Are you considering the fun, versatile, incredibly delicious flavor of maple bacon for your condiment application? A maple bacon sauce, dressing, spread, aioli, or any other kind of condiment will undoubtedly be a big win - considering how much consumers love the taste of maple bacon.

    Let our premium extract enliven and set forth a unique, differentiating taste when it comes to maple bacon. There isn't a more authentic maple bacon flavoring out there.


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