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Green Apple Flavoring
Green Apple Flavoring
TTB approved

Green Apple Flavoring

Regulatory documents are available upon request after purchasing gallon sizes or larger. Please email request to

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    Green apple flavoring is a quick fan favorite in a multitude of applications, and, with as melt-in-your-mouth sensational as Bickford's is, your senses would convince you that this flavoring was picked and juiced right off the branch (because it practically was!)

    Always true-to-source and always derived from the most premium, natural sources, our green apple flavor concentrate is simply a temptation you and your customers won't want to resist.

    Our green apple flavoring is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt
    • TTB-approved

    Give this flavor a try in cobblers, jellies, jams, smoothies, and CBD products - like gummies, fruit chews, and more.

    Need to order bulk green apple flavoring, including green apple flavoring in gallon sizing? Learn about our green apple flavoring bulk quantities in the Bulk tab above.

    Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors

    Finding ways to incorporate a sensational flavor like green apple into your next cooked, baked, or beverage creation is sure to be a hit. The sweet tang of our all-natural green apple flavoring has the ability to take your recipe from good to great, so don't hesitate to get creative with this flavor option. Some useful ideas may include:

    • Adding green apple to a martini and watching the crowd relish the flavor experience.
    • Adding the kick of green apple flavor to your next smoothie idea to enhance the overall profile.
    • Improving the taste of your favorite pie recipe with green apple flavoring to add a tangy kick.
    • Adding green apple to sorbet to create an enhanced depth of flavor.

    Bickford's green apple flavoring is Certified Kosher.

    Buying in bulk has its benefits. When you order your green apple flavoring in larger quantities, you won't find yourself in a difficult situation - like running out when a big order comes in.

    We remind our partners that purchasing in bulk guarantees you never miss an order or have to turn away business because you are out of flavoring. This allows you to avoid unnecessary setbacks and keeps you up and running at all times.

    Our wholesale members always benefit from bulk purchasing options, including the green apple flavoring gallon pails.

    Keep in mind, if you're looking for a different size, we're here to help. Give us a call at 440-494-7777, or send us an email for pricing info:

    Does green apple flavoring expire?
    It won't expire if it's stored properly. We recommend using flavorings within 18 months from date of purchase for the best flavor and aroma. Do not freeze or refrigerate, even after opening.

    Is green apple flavoring gluten free?
    Yes, Bickford's green apple flavoring is naturally gluten free.

    Is green apple flavoring vegan?
    Yes, Bickford's green apple flavoring is vegan.

    Is green apple flavoring keto?
    Yes, Bickford's green apple flavoring is keto-friendly.

    Does green apple flavoring contain sugar?
    Bickford's green apple flavoring never contains any added sugar. Our ingredients are: Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors

    What is the difference between imitation and all-natural green apple flavoring?
    Artificial green apple flavorings are chemical flavor mixtures that are made with imitation/synthetic (not natural) ingredients in a lab.

    All-natural green apple flavorings are derived from substances found in nature, and they do not contain synthetic solvents, GMO's, or preservatives.