Premium Tea and Coffee Flavoring Oils

For consumers, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea is more than just a matter of liquid-meeting-tongue. From novice drinkers navigating their way through the different types of coffees and teas they may like to true aficionados who know what an exceptional coffee or tea tastes like, it largely all comes down to the flavor profile you create.

As a small-batch brewer or large-scale coffee or tea manufacturer, do you know the market is ripe for innovation? Coffee and tea may be age-old, but a well-crafted drink experience can always be taken in new directions by way of flavor.

You can excite any coffee- or tea-tasting palate with our tea and coffee bean flavoring oils that are incredibly versatile, high-quality, and true-to-source. Use them to bring new, innovative coffee creations or tea flavors to life, or use them in established creations and products to enhance flavors that aren’t tasting to their potential.

With more than 200 all-natural and certified Kosher tea and coffee flavoring oils – many of which come from proven, 100-year-old formulas – we’re certain our flavors will enliven your drinks and give them the exact flavor consistency they need. Shop our:

Water-Soluble Coffee & Tea Flavors

Properties of Bickford's Tea and Coffee Flavoring Oils

Made from high-quality, naturally derived flavor sources, our tea and coffee flavoring oils are:

  • Never suspend in alcohol
  • Suspended in a water base
  • Highly heat stable
  • Formulated to be stronger and more concentrated than other flavoring methods
  • Free of additional salt and sugar

Why a water-soluble base? Water-soluble base suspensions are more neutral, superior carriers to alcohol. Additionally, they impart no added flavor and do not evaporate as rapidly when exposed to heat.

This allows the flavor to taste better, smell better, and not bake-out – as a traditional alcohol-based extract does.

Popular Tea and Coffee Flavoring Oils

Any flavor that’s derived from pure, high-quality sources and meticulously weighed to deliver incredible taste and aroma can truly elevate your end product and enhance a consumer’s coffee or tea experience.

To create a new or transform any established tea or coffee blend, try these top tea and coffee flavoring oils:

Coffee Flavoring Oils Tea Flavors
Amaretto Flavor Blackberry Flavor
Blueberry Flavor Lemon Flavor
Butter Pecan Flavor Mango Flavor
Caramel Flavor Orange Flavor
Coconut Caramel Flavor Passion Fruit Flavor
Cinnamon Flavor Peach Flavor
Irish Cream Flavor Pomegranate Flavor
Kahlua Flavor Raspberry Flavor
Pumpkin Flavor Ripe Strawberry Flavor


A Premium Taste Experience for Flavored Coffees and Teas

With today’s health and wellness trends, consumers want authentic flavored beverages that are void of added sugar and deliver health benefits.

With Bickford Flavors, you can be certain your coffees or teas never include unhealthy, imitation flavors and extracts.

Our flavors are never formulated with any added sugar or salt and are always certified kosher, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, and gluten-free.

Let your coffee or tea creations stand out in a competitive industry.

Bickford's Tea & Coffee Flavoring Oils Wholesale Program

Tea and coffee brewers and manufacturers of all sizes depend on Bickford’s flavor extracts to create their best-selling creations and products - and they do it all through our tea and coffee flavoring oils wholesale program.

With preferred pricing, no minimum order requirement after one gallon, and faster than normal turnaround times, we work hard to support your product line with premium, all-natural flavors.

Learn more about our tea and coffee flavoring oils wholesale program, or get started today by downloading our wholesale business verification form:

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Creating Custom Tea and Coffee Bean Flavoring Oils

If your flavor wheels are turning and you’re not finding the exact tea or coffee flavoring oil you know your application needs, we’d be happy (and thrilled) to step in as your custom flavoring partner. We can create the flavor you want.

We’re highly experienced in developing a wide-array of application-specific custom flavors for several different industries - especially the beverage industry with coffees and teas.

In addition to custom flavors that are sourced from high-quality, all-natural ingredients, we work hard to flavor match within a week.

If you’re interested in exploring this flavor avenue more, find everything you need to know here:

Creating Custom Flavors