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Key Lime Flavor
Key Lime Flavor

Key Lime Flavoring

Regulatory documents are available upon request after purchasing gallon sizes or larger. Please email request to

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    The unique flavor of key lime is something to behold. The tang and subtle bite of the key lime flavor emboldens any recipe it is added too, providing increased depth and complexity that your consumers will simply adore - and the beautiful thing is it isn't just for pies anymore.

    If you've been searching for a premium, all-natural key lime flavoring for a new application or an existing application that would benefit from new life by way of improved flavoring, Bickford's key lime flavoring is the answer.

    True-to-source and never containing any imitation or synthetic derivatives, our key lime flavoring is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt
    • TTB-approved

    Our key lime flavoring is a customer favorite in an assortment of baked goods, pastries, jams, sauces, marinades, and dips.

    Looking for bulk key lime flavoring quantities, including key lime gallon sizing? Click on the Bulk tab above to learn more about our key lime flavoring bulk sizing.

    Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors

    From baked goods to jams, finding creative ways to incorporate key lime into your next recipe is sure to knock your customers socks off. Some unique ideas may include:

    • Adding a teaspoon of key lime flavor to your frozen yogurt pops to kick the experience up a notch.
    • Enriching your next jam or jelly with some key lime flavoring to create flavor complexity your customers will enjoy.
    • Adding key lime to your pan sauce to develop a unique twist on an existing dish.
    • Adding key lime to macaroons and watching your customers swoon over the tangy treat.

    Whether you're a local ice cream shop, popular cafe, or large manufacturer, we offer large and small key lime flavor quantities - including key lime flavor in gallon size - to meet your culinary and product needs. Click on the Bulk Key Lime Flavor tab above to learn about our key lime flavoring bulk sizing.

    Bickford's key lime flavoring is Certified Kosher.

    Planning ahead is essential to avoiding setbacks in a competitive industry. That is why buying your key lime flavoring in bulk will help you never skip a beat, regardless of how busy you get.

    Our wholesale partners benefit from a variety of bulk key lime flavoring sizes, including our key lime flavoring 5 gallon pail.

    If you're interested in a different size or need specialized ordering assistance, give us a call at 440-494-7777 or e-mail us for pricing:

    Does key lime flavoring expire?
    Bickford's key lime flavoring will not expire when stored properly. For the best flavor and aroma, we recommend using our key lime flavoring within 18 months from date of purchase. Do not refrigerate or freeze, even after opening.

    Is key lime flavoring gluten free?
    Yes, Bickford's key lime flavoring is naturally gluten free.

    Is key lime flavoring vegan?
    Yes, Bickford's key lime flavoring is vegan.

    Is key lime flavoring keto?
    Yes, Bickford's key lime flavoring is keto-friendly.

    Does key lime flavoring contain sugar?
    Bickford's key lime flavoring never contains any added sugar. Our ingredients are: Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors

    What is the difference between imitation and all-natural key lime flavoring?
    Imitation key lime flavorings are artificial mixtures that are made with synthetic (not natural) laboratory processed ingredients.

    All-natural key lime flavorings are derived from ingredients found in nature, and they do not contain synthetic solvents, GMO's, or preservatives.