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Wintergreen Flavor - Oil Soluble
Wintergreen Flavor - Oil Soluble

Wintergreen Flavor - Oil Soluble

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    Unlock the cool, refreshing taste of a snowy winter day with Bickford's wintergreen flavoring. Even manufacturers of lip balm, toothpaste and medicines have discovered the comforting, soothing, and all-natural appeal of our wintergreen flavoring.

    With Bickford's naturally derived wintergreen flavoring, your application - food, beverage, or other - will deliver a distinct taste that is cool, refreshing, and real.

    Sourced straight from superior wintergreen plants, and suitable for a wide-array of applications that require an oil soluble flavor, this delicious, minty flavor is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    Try it in chocolate, ice cream, cakes and much more.

    Wintergreen is a distinct flavor, with its refreshing bite and cool finish. This pure and icy sweet flavoring works well with chocolates and cakes, adding a distinctive kick to your recipes while creating a bold and adventurous taste experience.

    • Create the coolest ice cream around with our wintergreen flavoring and some dark chocolate chips.
    • Boost your brownie mix with a dash of wintergreen flavoring to achieve a grasshopper treat.
    • Homemade chocolates with wintergreen flavoring are delectable.

    Wintergreen Flavor for Chocolate Flavoring Oils

    When it comes to mint flavorings, there can be a lot of options out there, and most are filled with unnecessary additives - which can take away a lot of the pure mint flavor you're after.

    Your wintergreen chocolate application can skip every imitation, synthetic and processed ingredient and flavoring source when you use the highest quality ingredients and match your flavor source to that - using a premium, naturally derived wintergreen flavor.

    Give your wintergreen chocolate creation a truly refreshing and true-to-source wintergreen flavor with Bickford's natural wintergreen flavoring.


    Soy Oil and Natural Flavors. Contains Soy.