Chocolate Flavorings

Is there anything better than biting into a creamy, tasty piece of chocolate? Whether your customers prefer milk, dark, semisweet, or white chocolate, using the highest quality flavors possible is essential for helping your product stand out.

While the tried-and-true plain chocolate base stands alone, it’s time for small and large batch makers and manufacturers to start innovating and adding some flavor into their chocolate product line.

Learn more about using Bickford Flavors in your chocolate products.

Using Oil Based Flavorings for Chocolate

For chocolatiers in the test kitchen, our flavors make things easy. Our chocolate flavors are all oil-soluble, meaning they can be added straight into melted chocolate without causing it to seize.

While many manufacturers use alcohol suspensions, our oil-based flavors prevent the addition of any extra off flavors and don’t bake out our evaporate as easily when exposed to heat.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at chocolate—we offer a whole range of flavors for candy making, too.

Chocolate Flavoring Ideas

Many chcolatiers utilize pure vanilla, but that’s where your flavor options have only just begun.

Our range of oil-soluble options let you play with fruity flavors—try out a berry chocolate with flavors like strawberry, blueberry, or strawberry mango. Citrus flavors like lemon, lime, and blood orange are great for balancing chocolate’s sweetness.

Many of today’s chocoholics are looking to go beyond the standard fare. For a spicy kick in your chocolate, look to our spicy chili, habanero, or chipotle flavors.

Perhaps the most time-tested combination is chocolate and nuts. Try flavors like almond, butter almond, hazelnut, and nutmeg for a little spice.

Amp Up Your Chocolate Flavor

If you’re looking for some support in creating a new flavor, download Bickford’s Evolution of Flavor guide to keep up with today’s food industry trends.

At Bickford, we like to think of ourselves as chocolate enthusiasts who just so happen to be expert flavor chemists. Our flavors are stronger than the competition, all-natural, and receive preferred pricing.

If you’d like to take your chocolate to the next level, learn more about our wholesale program or reach out to us at 440-494-7777.

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