Natural and Artificial Flavors: Which Do Your Customers Prefer?

Did you know taste evolved to provide satisfaction from food? Makes sense, right?

And, as human culture and civilization emerged and became more settled, society instinctually began to revolve around food, and food began to revolve around flavor.

As for today, taste and flavor undoubtedly drive consumers back to a product, making flavor development a necessity for makers and manufacturers.

Depending on your menu, offerings, or product line, there are plenty of flavoring routes you can go, but which do your customers really prefer? Can your customers tell the difference between natural and artificial flavors?


What Does Natural Flavor Actually Mean?

As a maker or manufacturer, you know what artificial flavoring is, but what about natural? Do you use flavorings or extracts that are labeled as natural?

It’s a vague term, and just because your flavoring source is stamped ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true-to-source and derived from high quality flavor sources.

  • The bigger picture of natural flavors should be known: The use of natural is poorly regulated in the food and cosmetics industries, and the label of natural can still be found on products that also include synthetic or imitation derivatives. Is this the case for your flavoring sources?
  • This is not only important to note for flavoring purposes, but also labeling requirements - to provide the most transparency to your customers as to what’s in your product, including flavorings and colorings.

Natural also doesn’t mean all-natural.

All-natural flavorings and extracts are always naturally derived from premium flavor sources.

Additionally, given the controversial use of the term natural, the FDA has regulated the term “natural flavor” under 21 CFR 101.22(a)(3),1 giving more clarity to makers and consumers who truly care about where their flavor sources are derived from and how they’re created.

Let us make your flavor sourcing incredibly simple, easy and always all-natural.

Premium Flavors & Extracts at Wholesale Prices and Benefits


Could the Artificial Shortcut Actually be Hurting You?

So, you don’t use all-natural flavorings right now. That’s OK.

We’re not here to take away from your products in any way. As expert flavor manufacturers, we simply believe that more premium flavor sources could elevate your end product and help you step into the flavor long game.

One of the keys to helping your products and brand stay relevant and attract new customers is through a long-term flavor strategy. Without question, how you push the boundaries of flavor and look at consumers’ evolving tastes is how you ensure your future.

Have you considered the shifting of consumer demands and how they’re impacting the advancement of flavor?

Read how the evolution of flavor is fueling incredible market competition and the necessity for all-natural extracts and flavors:

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Artificial flavors are produced via shortcuts when compared to how all-natural flavors are formulated and created. Think of it this way: Superior flavor sources begets superior tasting and smelling end products.

When you consider today’s health and wellness trends, the sought-after clean label, various lifestyle requirements, and the movement that healthy can still be delicious, your customers prefer all-natural flavors to artificial.

  • Consumers can recognize fresh, authentic flavors over imitation
  • Consumers want unique, innovative and bold flavors
  • Consumers want to know where your flavors are sourced from2

With these demands known, are artificial flavors actually cheating your end product with weak, subpar flavor - making it easy for consumers to pass on your application?


The Evolution of Flavor Has Landed Us Here: It’s about creating a premium taste experience through higher-quality flavor sources.

Flavor is a fundamental part of the creation and cooking process, and as tastes evolve, every maker and manufacturer should be paying more attention to their flavor detail and elevating their flavor-forward narrative.

For small and large batch makers, manufacturers, chefs, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and other food professionals, we’ve created a guide on the evolution of flavor to help you better understand:

  • Flavor as a whole
  • Why using high-quality, naturally sourced extracts can make all the difference in:
    • An end product
    • Growing a consumer base
    • A brand’s reputation and longevity

If you’re ready to develop more flavor play and activate your application’s flavor potential, this guide will provide insight and motivation to create your best flavors yet:

Download Your Free Guide to the Evolution of Flavor

1 FONA International. Natural Claims: The Case for Clarity. Accessed May 15, 2020.
2 Food Business News. Using natural ingredients to create authentic, fresh flavors. Accessed May 15, 2020.

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