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water soluble vanilla butternut flavoring
water soluble vanilla butternut flavoring

Vanilla Butternut Flavoring - Water Soluble

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    When you think of vanilla butternut (also referred to as “butter and nut”) flavoring, what immediately comes to mind? Frosting? Perhaps a pound cake? What about squash soup?

    Without question, Bickford's vanilla butternut flavoring can open a secret passageway to countless culinary opportunities.

    Our flavor experts can help you dive into the wide world of flavor combinations—check out our flavor wheel for some inspiration for your next application.

    Our increasingly popular vanilla butternut flavoring can allow your application to
    have it all—sweet and savory, with delectable notes of vanilla and creamy butter.

    Our vanilla butternut flavoring is:
    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    Try adding our incredibly versatile vanilla butternut flavoring to frostings, cakes, fudge, pancakes, waffles, French toast batter, and main dishes.

    Though it’s often used in sweet treats, vanilla flavor has a place in the low-carb lifestyle. Read about how to use vanilla extract on a keto diet.

    What is Vanilla Butternut Flavor?

    You may come across vanilla butternut in classic recipes, especially for baking. But what is it? The “butternut” isn’t actually derived from that favorite fall squash—though that’s delicious, too! It actually uses aromas from both butter and nuts, along with vanilla, to make a flavor that is rich, distinctive, and sophisticated.

    If you are looking for butternut squash, try our golden squash and apple soup recipe featuring our brandy, ginger, and nutmeg flavors—it’s sure to be a new family favorite!

    Rich Butternut Flavoring, Delicate Vanilla Goodness

    Vanilla butternut flavor is great to use in a variety of recipes, and can be substituted wherever you use classic vanilla flavor.

    Here are some great ways to use vanilla butternut flavoring:

    • Use it to make your own homemade vanilla coffee creamer. It’s ten times better than the store-bought stuff!
    • Try a dash of vanilla in your favorite, cakes, cupcakes, and quick breads
    • For a healthier application, add some to your post-jog smoothie to kick up the flavor a notch
    • Bickford’s vanilla butternut flavoring can punch up bugger baking projects—give it a try in our Caribbean blueberry coconut bread pudding.

    If you’re looking for more delicious, original spins on vanilla, check out Bickford flavor options like vanilla ice cream extract, vanilla custard extract, or birthday cake extract.

    Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors. Contains Peanuts