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Cream Cheese Extract
Cream Cheese Extract

Cream Cheese Extract

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    Industry-Leading Cream Cheese Extract

    Creamy, spreadable, and undeniably delicious, cream cheese isn’t just for bagels! It’s an essential element to a variety of both sweet and savory foods that your customers love—and now you can get the great flavor in a convenient flavor extract.

    Learn more about using Bickford’s top-of-the-line flavors in your dairy products.

    The flavor of cream cheese is hard to describe—it’s mild yet tangy, and salty yet sweet at the same time. Our delicious cream cheese flavoring brings baked goods and pastries to life, but it’s also great for that dip you’re serving for the big game.

    If you’re looking to expand your cheesecake horizons, check out our cheesecake collection featuring cheese cake, graham cracker, and wild cherry flavors.

    Cream Cheese Flavor at Your Fingertips

    Commercial and home bakers alike remember the great cream cheese shortage of 2021.1 With our flavors, you won’t have to worry about supply issues, off batches, or any other details related to the production.

    Here are a few recipe ideas:

    These ideas just scratch the surface. Try our delicious cream cheese extract with your cakes, cookies, pound cake, frostings, fruit dips, and so much more!


    1CNN. The surprising reason you can't find cream cheese anywhere. Accessed August 3, 2022.

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