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Water Soluble Bubblegum Flavor
Water Soluble Bubblegum Flavor

Bubblegum Flavoring - Water Soluble

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    Bubblegum Flavor: An American Original

    Chewing gum is rooted in our childhood. For many, Double Bubble, Bubble Yum, or Bazooka take us right back to endless summer days outside. Now, your products can tap into it! At Bickford, we worked hard at capturing that sense of nostalgia and formulating a mouth-watering pink bubble gum flavor.

    Our bubble gum flavoring is:

    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Free of any added sugar and salt
    • Certified Kosher
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-Free
    • GMO-Free

    Recapture that feeling of a wild and free childhood by using our delightful bubble gum flavor in applications like ice cream, candy, cookies, frostings, and even vodka.

    Learn more about using flavor extracts in baking.

    Bubble Gum Flavoring Ideas

    Looking for the next hit product with kids and adults alike? Our bubble gum flavor will make your product an immediate favorite among both old and new customers, whether you're a home baker or a food and beverage manufacturer. 

    Here are some ideas for using Bickford’s industry-leading bubble gum flavor:

    • Candy Making: Perfect for small or large batches, bubble gum flavor is great in products like hard candies, gummies, jellies, and lollipops. Learn more about both water and oil-soluble candy flavoring.
    • Baked Goods: Use this fun flavor in your cakes, cookies, or pastries for sweet treats the whole family will love!
    • Ice Cream: From soft serve to hard ice cream, bubble gum is a hit all year round.
    • Beverages: Believe it or not, our bubble gum flavor works well in non-alcoholic beverages too. 

    You can also combine it with other flavors to make a creation greater than the sum of its parts. Try Bickford’s bubble gum flavor alongside natural flavor options like butter pecan, cinnamon spice, or fruit flavors like strawberry or raspberry. For another nostalgic flavor, check out cotton candy.

    Bubble Gum Flavoring for Baking

    Upgrade your baked goods with this playful and nostalgic taste, perfect for creating memorable cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that stand out on the shelves.

    Imagine the burst of bubblegum flavor in a soft, chewy cookie or the surprise element it brings to colorful cupcakes and layered cakes. This distinctive flavor not only appeals to children but also taps into the nostalgia of adults, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of baked products.

    With Bickford’s highly concentrated and premium-quality bubblegum flavoring, you can ensure consistency and excellence in every batch, meeting the demands of large-scale production while delighting your consumers.

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