Chocolate Flavoring Oils

Chocolate is a classic, age-old indulgence that can give consumers that creamy, rich, bitter, decadent bite they’re craving. While the tried and true chocolate base remains unaltered, it’s time for small and large batch makers and manufacturers to start innovating and adding some flavor into their chocolate product line. 

Consumers are looking for more unique textures and – above all – daring chocolate flavors that excite and elevate the product’s flavor profile.

When creating a chocolate product that can appeal to both new and old consumers, providing them with a superior taste experience is essential. To achieve this, it’s important to incorporate the highest quality oil flavoring for chocolate to both meet their flavor expectations and set your products apart in today’s saturated chocolate market.

With more than 200 all-natural, certified Kosher oil-based flavorings for chocolate – many of which come from proven, 100-year-old formulas – we’re certain our chocolate flavoring oils will enliven your product and give it the exact flavor consistency it needs.

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Properties of Bickford’s All-Natural Chocolate Flavoring Oils

As chocolate enthusiasts who just so happen to be expert flavor chemists, we love to help our partners revolutionize the chocolate flavor game and rejuvenate the quintessential chocolate flavor.

Here’s what you can expect from our oil flavorings for chocolate:

They are:

  • Highly heat stable
  • Never suspend in alcohol, with the exception of Pure Vanilla, which contains 35% alcohol by volume
  • Suspended in a water or oil base
  • Free of additional salt and sugar
  • Formulated to be stronger and more concentrated than other oil-based flavorings for chocolate

While it’s common for flavor manufacturers to suspend their flavors and extracts in alcohol, we have always suspended ours in either a water- or oil-soluble base. Why? Water and oil are neutral and more superior carriers to flavor than alcohol.

Our suspensions never add any additional flavor and do not evaporate or bake-out as rapidly when exposed to heat - as an alcohol-based extract does. The end result is a better tasting, better smelling flavor that maintains its character longer.


Oil Flavoring for Chocolate that Blends Seamlessly into Any Chocolate Application

As a beloved sweet worldwide, there must be true artistry and brilliance in chocolate making. If you’re looking to create an uncommon or irresistible blend of flavors in your chocolate application, try these Bickford oil-soluble, all-natural flavorings that fuse seamlessly in chocolate:

Are you making a cream center for your chocolate application(s)? Our mouth is watering just thinking about the end product. For some chocolate lovers, there is nothing better than biting into a delicious cream center filled chocolate.

Any of our water-soluble flavors will work perfectly to flavor your cream centers before coating in chocolate.


Creating Custom Chocolate Flavoring Oils

Looking for a custom chocolate flavoring oil or extract that will enhance your chocolate creations? Let’s discuss a flavoring that doesn’t exist yet.

We constantly partner with chocolate makers – from established local, small businesses to large wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, etc. – to develop new and unique chocolate taste experiences.

All-natural and certified Kosher, we formulate our chocolate flavoring oils to be perfectly balanced and more versatile than other flavoring methods to give your product the exact flavor consistency you’re searching for.

All of our flavors, including brand new flavor oils, are formulated to meet current market demands and your specific labeling needs – such as certified kosher, low-protein, low- carbohydrate, gluten-free, and more.

Learn more about partnering with us on custom oil-based flavorings for chocolate:

Let's Create a Custom Chocolate Flavoring Oil


Our All-Natural Chocolate Flavoring Oils Wholesale Program

It’s our incredible honor to partner with makers and manufacturers who require large quantities to flavor large- and small-batch chocolate applications and entire product lines.

Above all, we take immense pride in being our partners’ go-to wholesale flavor company and offering over 200 premium chocolate flavoring oils.

Through our chocolate flavoring wholesale program, you will:

  • Receive preferred pricing
  • Benefit from no minimum order requirement after one gallon
  • Be guaranteed faster than normal turnaround times and shipping

Learn more about our wholesale program.