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bacon extract
bacon extract

Bacon Extract - Oil Soluble

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    Looking for a taste that will help your products stand out in a crowd? Try this outstanding smoky bacon flavor to add excitement to your dish!

    In the last few decades, perhaps no flavor has trended like bacon—it’s moved far beyond the breakfast table and become an American favorite. Common uses include marinades, BBQ sauces, dressings and meat dishes; and did someone suggest ice cream? Believe it or not, it's been done!

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    Our mouth-watering bacon flavor is also great for pet food and treats.

    Please Note: This Item is Not Kosher!

    Everything's Better With Bacon

    These days, bacon is making its way into all kinds of foods, from fine European style pastries to homestyle soups and salads, for good reason—it’s delicious! To harness this favorite food, make sure you’re using the best flavor the industry has to offer.

    Here are a few delicious ways to use bacon extract:

    • Store bought barbeque sauce just can’t compare to homemade. Bickford’s favorite recipe uses our bacon flavor to kick things up a notch.
    • A love for bacon isn’t limited to just homo sapiens. Our bacon extract is used in Bickford’s peanut butter and bacon dog treats. Your four-legged friend won’t be able to resist!
    • Bacon goes great with dessert. This oil-soluble formulation works well in applications like chocolates, candies, and puddings.

    A Wide Variety of Bacon Flavor Pairings

    One of the best things about bacon flavoring? Its versatility across the sweet and savory spectrums!

    Here are a few drool-worthy bacon flavor combinations:

    • Our maple bacon extract rolls the smokehouse and a cold weather favorite into one flavor-packed combo.
    • Certain fruits work well with bacon’s savory essence. Try it together with Bickford’s sweet, refreshing peach flavoring.
    • Try our bacon flavor teamed up with chipotle or habanero chile flavors for a smoky-spicy combo.

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    The mouthwatering bacon extract is an oil-soluble formulation, perfect for products like chocolates and marinades. Check out our full list of oil-soluble extracts.

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