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Toffee Flavor
Toffee Flavor

Toffee Flavor - Oil Soluble

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    The buttery-almond taste of traditional English toffee reappears within Bickford's nostalgic toffee flavoring. True-to-source and always delivering an authentic, incredible taste experience, our toffee flavor is derived from premium sources and meticulously formulated to be stronger than other toffee flavoring methods.

    This oil soluble toffee flavor is:

    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    You can add this distinctive and all-natural toffee flavor to chocolates - including white chocolate and milk chocolate to make chocolate toffee - salted caramels, caramel sauce, ice cream, baked goods, muffins, candy, fudge and more.

    With its buttery goodness and caramel overtones, our toffee flavoring can pull your recipes and applications in a variety of directions. The nuanced nuttiness and satisfyingly rich balance allows this flavor option to amply any dish or product you create.

    • Salmon with a finishing drizzle of toffee flavoring is a unique touch.
    • Butterscotch pie with toffee-tossed bacon pieces is every bit as good as it sounds.
    • Homemade caramel corn with toffee flavoring in the mix is a quick way to kick up those kernels.

    Toffee Flavor for Chocolate Flavoring Oils

    Consumers love toffee! I mean, who wouldn't when sugar or molasses mix with butter and begin to caramelize to form a sweet salty, sugar and butter candy? Now, mix that with your incredible chocolate recipes and you'll have one incredible chocolate toffee product.

    With Bickford's all-natural toffee flavor - that's always derived from the highest quality sources - you can easily achieve a true-to-source, premium toffee flavor in all your chocolate creations.

    Soy Oil and Natural Flavors. Contains Tree Nuts and Soy.