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pure vanilla extract
pure vanilla extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

Regulatory documents are available upon request after purchasing gallon sizes or larger. Please email request to

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    Being able to create a unique, distinctive and signature product starts with the
    highest quality flavorings and extracts. When using a classic flavoring like pure vanilla extract, it's imperative that it will add true taste and aroma to your application.

    With Bickford Flavors' pure vanilla extract (Madagascar vanilla extract), you can be certain you're flavoring with a true-to-source extract, and that your application(s) will never receive imitation or synthetic derivatives.

    In addition to our extract being a high-quality Madagascar vanilla extract, it is:

    • Our most popular and highest-selling flavoring
    • All-natural
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar or salt
    • Only 35% alcohol by volume

    Find our pure vanilla extract in 16 oz or another size that fits your needs. Select the quantity you're looking for in the dropdown above.

    Looking for bulk vanilla extract quantities, including a vanilla extract gallon? Click on the Bulk Vanilla Extract tab above to learn more about our pure vanilla extract bulk sizing.

    If you're looking for pure vanilla flavor oil instead, find it here.

    Cold-extracted matter of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Water. Alcohol (35% by volume)

    Click here to view Nutrition Facts.

    Sure, pure vanilla is used in a lot; you probably have ten uses of your own for the flavor. But here are some additional, uncommon ways to use the flavoring that just may turn your taste buds upside down:

    • Enhance the flavor of your favorite cake, muffin, or brownie mix with one teaspoon of pure Vanilla.
    • Add vanilla to a saucepan with water, cinnamon flavor and orange slices. Heat on low to bring a nice, cozy smell to your home.
    • Add vanilla to your coffee or tea to wake up your taste buds.
    • Add vanilla to a wine spritzer.

    If you want to try new recipes that use this classic and incredibly delicious flavor, try two of our favorites: gluten-free pumpkin cookies and our chocolate pecan pie recipe:

    Make Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies

    Make Chocolate Pecan Pie

    If you want to experiment with new flavor combinations, download All-Natural Vanilla Flavor Pairings.

    Bickford's pure vanilla extract is Certified Kosher.

    While it certainly pays to buy your pure vanilla extract in bulk, we always remind our partners that ordering bulk vanilla extract also delivers incredible peace of mind knowing you won't run out; and, having a large supply of vanilla extract on hand will save the day when you face an emergency - like a larger than expected order or the need to produce more product in a day.

    Wholesale members benefit from a variety of bulk vanilla extract sizes, including our vanilla extract 5 gallon pail.

    As always, if you're looking for a different size, give us a call at 440-494-7777 or e-mail us for pricing:

    Does vanilla extract expire?
    When stored properly, our all-natural pure vanilla extract will not go bad. We always recommend using our vanilla extract within five years for the best flavor and aroma. As with all flavorings, do not refrigerate or freeze, even after opening.

    How much alcohol is in vanilla extract?
    Bickford's pure vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol by volume.

    Is vanilla extract gluten free?
    Yes, Bickford's pure vanilla extract is naturally gluten free.

    Is vanilla extract vegan?
    Yes, Bickford's pure vanilla extract is vegan.

    Is vanilla extract keto?
    Yes, Bickford's pure vanilla extract is keto-friendly.

    Does vanilla extract have sugar?
    Bickford's pure vanilla extract never contains any added sugar. Our ingredients are: cold-extracted matter of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Water. Alcohol (35% by volume)

    Is vanilla flavor the same as vanilla extract?
    Pure vanilla extract is made from the preparation of the vanilla plant, which pulls its flavor when vanilla pods are soaked in a solution of both alcohol and water. Alcohol is an essential component of pure vanilla extract, and - to meet the FDA's definition of a vanilla extract - it must contain at least 35% alcohol by volume in addition to at least 100 grams of vanilla beans per liter.

    To give applications sweet, flavorful notes, consumers taste a compound called vanillin, which naturally occurs in vanilla beans.

    Vanilla flavor, on the other hand, delivers the classic vanillin taste without the alcohol. Vanilla flavor is an imitation compound made in a lab and is not naturally derived.

    What is the difference between imitation and pure vanilla?
    Pure vanilla extract is made from only natural vanilla beans, water, and alcohol. Most imitation vanilla flavorings are a mixture of naturally derived (from lignin or wood pulp) or artificially derived (synthesized in a lab) vanillin.