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Water Soluble Hard Oil - Pineapple Oil
Water Soluble Hard Oil - Pineapple Oil
TTB Approved

Pineapple Extract - Water Soluble Hard Oil

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    Named for its resemblance to a pinecone, the sweet-tart, succulent juice of the pineapple has been captured in our pineapple oil for all time.

    Our all-natural pineapple oil is derived from the highest quality sources and formulated to be stronger and more versatile than other pineapple flavoring methods.

    By using Bickford's pineapple extract, your end result will achieve that precise flavor consistency you've been searching for.

    Our pineapple extract is:
    • All-natural
    • Derived from the highest quality sources
    • Certified Kosher
    • Free of any added sugar and salt

    Used in cooking, baking, juices, salsas, sauces, wines, ice creams, puddings, and more, nothing compares to the tropical taste of Bickford's fruit flavoring.

    The distinctly tart and tangy taste of our pineapple extract is one you will want to use again and again. Like a cool tropical breeze, this luscious flavor profile can brighten any application and put a smile on your consumers' faces.

    • Adding pineapple to a delicious Asian recipe can truly highlight its versatility.
    • Enrich the flavor profile of baked goods, like cakes, by adding pineapple to the tasty treat.
    • Adding a tablespoon of pineapple extract to iced tea can enhance the depth of flavor and taste.
    • Adding pineapple extract to ice cream can completely transform the flavor profile.

    Pineapple Extract Infused Candy & CBD Gummies

    For true-to-source pineapple flavored candy and CBD gummies, your flavoring must be naturally sourced and never contain any artificial or synthetic derivatives. Made from real, all-natural sources, Bickford's pineapple extract is derived from the highest quality sources and formulated to help you achieve that precise gummy flavor consistency you've been searching for.

    For bulk pineapple extract quantities - including gallon sizing - contact us to learn more about our pineapple bulk sizing.

    Pineapple Extract & Pure Vanilla Extract

    You'll love how this tropical staple mixes so well with pure vanilla extract in everything from drinks to desserts. In fact, feel free to indulge in this combination, using the blend in any sweet or savory recipe that inspires you.

    Blend them into smoothies for a tropical twist or add them to your favorite cake batter to achieve a distinct flavor profile. No matter how you use them together, pineapple and vanilla are always a remarkable combo.

    Learn more about our pure vanilla extract.

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