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Oil Soluble Candy Flavoring Hard Oils

You perhaps know better than anyone, the candy market is huge, and while it delivers an extremely exciting and fun array of sweets, it also demands a product to be delicious and offer a unique taste that differentiates it from the masses.

Whether you make gourmet, large-scale, handcrafted, small batches, seasonal, or award-winning sweets and candy, using candy flavoring oils - including hard candy flavoring oils - can make all the difference in your end product.

And having an extensive, all-natural candy flavoring selection to choose from, with the opportunity to have custom flavors made for you? Well, that’s the cherry on top of everything that we at Bickford Flavors delight in offering you.

What Is A Hard Oil Flavoring?

“Hard Oils” are our version of a highly-concentrated flavor. We formulate our hard candy flavoring oils to be eight or more times more concentrated than our other food flavors and extracts.

Why Use All-Natural Candy Flavoring Oils:

There is a noticeable difference in chocolates, hard candies and other sweets that are made with quality, premium sourced ingredients and those that aren’t. The same is true for sweets that are made with all-natural candy flavoring oils.

Always certified Kosher and specially made to align with special diets and lifestyles - such as low-protein, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, and more - Bickford Flavors has any flavor you could possibly want for your candy application.

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What Products are Oil-Soluble Candy Flavoring Hard Oils Most Commonly Used In?

All-natural, oil-soluble candy flavoring hard oils are ideal for:

  • Candy
  • Gummies
  • Mints
  • Lollipops
  • Hard tack candy

Our hard oils are available in both an oil-soluble and water-soluble base. The items at the bottom of the page are oil-soluble. If you know your application needs a water-soluble base, shop our selection now:

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Don’t see your application listed here? It probably needs an oil- or water-soluble flavor. Explore our other flavoring categories to find the type you need:

Water-Soluble Flavors | Oil-Soluble Flavors

Shop all oil-soluble candy flavoring hard oils below, or learn about our ability to create one-of-a-kind custom flavors.

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